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Helpful UK Tax Tips to Run Your Business Accounting on Your Own

Dec 3, 2022 | Business, E-Commerce, Tax & Accounting

Helpful UK Tax Tips For Small Businesses: How to Run Your Own Business Accounting

It is beneficial to accurately record and keep track of your spending and accounts as your company’s revenues increase. This will allow you to base your management judgments on current and accurate information. 

Additionally, it will guarantee that you stay clear of any overdue payment penalties brought on by skewed records. 

Unavoidably, owning a business involves time-consuming and unpleasant administrative tasks related to accounting, taxes, and bookkeeping. For new business owners, this can be as frustrating. 

Whatever you decide, you should decide as soon as possible and follow through with it. We will look at ten suggestions for managing your own accounting in this blog.

UK Tax Tips: Things You Have To Know First

It is crucial to have a thorough understanding of your money, even if you have no prior experience in accounting. Maintaining records from the beginning is crucial, and making the process simple could reduce time spent and increase productivity. 

Before or after opening a bank account, you should establish a reliable record-keeping system and register your company with HMRC. This will guarantee that your VAT and revenues are managed digitally.

Tax types based on business niche

The challenging component for any business is to decide which niche to focus on if you want to specialize in a specific industry. There is simply too much to understand to be able to train to be an expert counsellor for every single business kind.

There is not enough time in your day to really explore the unique subtleties of both, let alone the other hundreds of industry niches out there. A restaurant faces distinct challenges from a construction company.

When deciding whether you want to start developing an industry accounting speciality, the most important question to ask yourself is, “Who do I already work with most frequently? What is my experience?” An increasing number of accounting firms are deciding to concentrate on a certain market niche.

Focusing on a single client profile streamlines the market, differentiates the professionals from their rivals, and opens the door for specialized value-adding services. One of the best tactics you can use to expand is to concentrate on a specific speciality.

It is difficult to choose a niche to specialize in. There is an endless supply of possibilities, and with so much at stake, there is a lot of pressure to segment your market properly—or, more significantly, to avoid choosing the wrong option.

You must follow a procedure to help you choose what is best for your practice’s future if you decide to explore a specific speciality to target. This is the approach that we advise you to take.

Examine the client

Generalization historically served accounting businesses well because the clientele these firms attracted was categorized by geography rather than genre.

A subject matter specialist is now preferred by clients when selecting an accountant to meet their unique demands. The logical response to this evolution is nicking. The entire world is home to our customers and employees.

Increasing Customer Trust

From a client experience perspective, the benefit of niching is the potential for deeper client connections. Even more crucial than the breadth of our experience is the level of comprehension we have of the non-profit-related problems facing our clients.

Tax reports based on timing: monthly and annual tax returns

A company’s cash flow is its lifeblood since it guarantees that you can meet your financial obligations on time and avoid any late fees.

It is critical for businesses to manage their costs in a way that supports their regular payments, including VAT while maintaining a consistent stream of income. Keep an eye on the cash flow and record your debts and credits.

To guarantee that your finances are in order at all times, you should always budget for how much money you will make and how much you will spend. 

Complex tax law compliance is challenging. To make sure that you pay your taxes on time and receive your returns in compliance with the law, you must have a firm grasp of your obligations toward HMRC and create a system that is efficient. Sterlinx Global on DesignRush, can be your strategic partner in this endeavor.

Do not delay getting your VAT number because doing so will help you avoid incurring late fees. To make sure you pay your taxes on time and receive your tax returns as needed, you can apply for a VAT number.

It is preferable to register for a VAT number even if you are unsure whether you can exceed the threshold. Establish KPIs to monitor your operational and efficiency progress.

You will be able to better comprehend your spending and determine whether you are paying the appropriate amount of taxes as a result. Setting specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound objectives is crucial.

Accounting Online Software

It is crucial to choose accounting software that is equipped with a range of tools and features to help you manage your accounts. Simple-to-use accounting software with time-saving features may help you achieve your business goals and make sure that you accurately record transactions. For small business owners, picking the right accounting software is crucial. Be sure to take into account the usability standards below:

Access for numerous users

Seek out accounting software that enables you to invite your team or additional users, giving them access to the data and enabling them to carry out specific tasks remotely. You can collaborate and share information with staff members who are located in different places thanks to beneficial software. 

Multi-Business Support

You could need accounting software that can provide you with comprehensive support and do away with the requirement to set up accounts or purchase add-on services at a higher price. 

Cloud-Based Software

The majority of the best accounting systems for all sizes of businesses use cloud-based software. You will be able to manage your account as a result from any computer that is linked to the internet, wherever you are. This is perfect for SMEs who operate out of multiple sites. 

Mobile Access

Some accounting software also offers mobile apps that enable you to manage and finish simple tasks on the go. Having accounting software that is mobile-friendly is helpful.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does VAT Flat Rate mean?

    The VAT rate remains 20%, but it is paid to HMRC at a lower rate (based on your profession or trade), leaving a difference that the business can take advantage of.

  • When should I use cash accounting for VAT?

    Any business that has a yearly revenue below the existing cap of £85,000 is eligible for this option. Due to the fact that VAT is not calculated until an invoice is paid, it differs from the standard plan.

  • How can automation help me save time?

    Use accounting software that can automatically send invoices and past-due notices to your customers. This will increase the effectiveness of invoicing and accounts receivable, saving you time in the process.


It may seem obvious to monitor your cash flow, pay taxes, know which goods and services bring in the most revenue, and keep track of who owes you money. However, many companies ignore them. An account management checklist is provided in this blog. By reviewing this blog, you will find ease at UK Tax Tips to run your business accounting on your own. For further details, visit our site Sterlix Global and avail of our services.

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