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Flourish with Sterlinx – A Liverpool Accounting Firm

We are a flexible, client-focused goal-driven team, geared up to help our clients with their VAT, accounting, and business growth. We are real people offering real help on your career journey. No question is too big or too small; we pride ourselves on our flexible, human approach to delivering the most beneficial services and plans for our clients.

Who are we?

Sterlinx Global is your UK accounting and Pan-EU VAT compliance specialist. We take care of your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax returns. We provide business owners and freelancers alike, with practical advice tailored to help their businesses thrive. We are dedicated to helping our clients become fully VAT compliant. Join us this quarter!

Our mission

To help you grow your business. We aim to deliver the best VAT compliance and accounting service for EU and UK eCommerce sellers, self-employed workers, and directors alike. We understand the pains and time constraints of business accounting. Sterlinx Global promises to meet your submission deadlines with accuracy and efficiency so you can focus on what you do best.

Why were we founded?

Unhappy online sellers. Since day one, we realized that many of the clients we look after were let down by accountants who were not familiar with online selling or tax compliance. This gap in knowledge is both time-consuming and costly; with Tax Authorities issuing penalties and surcharges for late filing.

When things go south, it’s those responsible for the business, who are then left to pick up the cost of mistakes and end up losing faith in their accountants’ abilities. 

What makes us special?

We know your business. Not only do we have the figures… figured out, online business is our bread and butter. Our online world is changing. With over 24 million eCommerce websites worldwide, online sellers, freelancers, and self-employed workers find themselves in a competitive market. Now more than ever, excellent client service, fast delivery, and quality products and services are essential.

With our excellent accounting services, you can focus on the things that matter to you most! At Sterlinx, we are proud of our expertise, so you can be confident in joining us today.


We are more than an accounting firm, we understand you and your business.

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Scale your business

We help start-up companies grow with confidence via eCommerce business consultation. Whether a business plan or system integration, we have the right support for your growth.

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Free software

To save you time and money, we’ll get you set up with Xero account. Xero membership is free of charge when you sign up with us. 

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Flexible finances

We work with you regularly to ensure the plan you choose reflects your turnover and business needs. Having access to private finances we make it easy for you to find funding for your growth.

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Good habits

Creating great lasting relationships and maintaining high service standards are part of our routine within our close-knit team. We pride ourselves on being here for our clients.

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Partner rewards

We build great relationships with our partners which means we can offer our clients competitive discounts and rates on third-party services. From start-up funding, and social media management to product sourcing we’ve got something for you.

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EU VAT specialists

We will get you VAT complaint in Europe as well as the UK. Our extensive knowledge on Pan-EU FBA make sit easy for us to understand your needs and execute quickly.


Accounting and Tax can be daunting, but don’t worry we are here for you. Just call or email us using the details below and we will be happy to help.


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