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Case Study: How important is it to not miss your tax accounting deadline? How Sterlinx helped an amazon seller get back on their feet after-tax mishaps.

Nov 2, 2022 | Case Studies

Anthony has owned a pet supplies store for almost three years. Even though he was new to the business, he took advantage of any opportunity. Soon, Anthony discovered the potential of selling online. 

He created an online store to maximise the mobility of products sold on Amazon. Soon enough, he saw an increase in orders and found this new venture a rousing success. However, an online business soon became challenging for him and his only accountant. 

Anthony left all the financial, accounting, and bookkeeping to his lone accountant. He was not an expert when it came to tax accounting. What became a problem was his Amazon accounting needs. His accountant was already busy keeping track of the finances of his physical store. 

With a big business, managing tax accounting and finances for his physical store is already a lot to take care of. His Amazon online store would need Amazon accounting to ensure its finances, taxes, and payments are on track. 

Since he himself was not an expert in Amazon accounting, Anthony expected his only accountant to take care of the finances of his online and offline store. His accountant kept up with the demand when his online business started. However, the growth of his online business on Amazon soon became demanding. 

His accountant faced difficulties keeping track of his online and physical stores. The situation reached a point where Anthony missed some of his tax payment deadlines and was charged with penalties. Aside from that, there were noticeable lapses in his accounting and bookkeeping. 

Anthony knew he could not help so much with the tax accounting. He also knew that his accountant needed all the help he could get with Amazon accounting. 

With the number of problems that took a toll on his business, he began looking for experienced accounting for Amazon sellers that could lessen his accountant’s burden.

His lacking knowledge of tax accounting would drag his business further down under penalties that were already piling up. He needed help, fast.

Luckily for him, he found out about the services offered by Sterlinx while scouring the internet. He had just wanted help for himself and his accountant with accounting for Amazon sellers, but he got more than he expected. 

Sterlinx treated each of his business concerns as problems unique to his situation to develop personalised solutions. 

We provided Anthony with an Amazon FBA Accountant for his Amazon store. Our services extended to more than just accounting; we relieved his burden by taking care of calculating his eCommerce VAT, VAT calculations, and filing.

Sterlinx provided him with expert and professional Amazon FBA accountants that took care to ensure he was up to date with his tax deadlines. 

We dedicated ourselves to giving Anthony full assistance after knowing his business goals. We dedicated ourselves to aligning the services we provided to his current and future business goals. 

Anthony worried less about the penalties he might face by missing his tax deadlines. His business continued to boom both online and offline. 

We at Sterlinx give you the breathing room to work at the frontline of your business while we take care of everything accounting. 

We can make your online business beginnings work for the best of you.

We do not see problems. We see opportunities. Every opportunity for improvement that you miss can be critical to your business goals. Let us, Sterlinx Global and our team of expert accountants work with you. Contact us now. 

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