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Starting an E-Commerce Business: A Beginner’s Guide

Aug 12, 2020 | Business

Given the modern and constantly-updating technology and resources that we have, it’s no surprise that shopping is now digitized as well. Many have opted in starting an e-commerce business. Back then, only a few platforms were available on the internet for business owners and entrepreneurs to sell their products and services on. Because of this, it was only natural and understandable to have only a few customers to cater to.

But nowadays, Amazon’s growing market will not be seeing a decline in the future. On the contrary, the E-Commerce market utilizes the availability of various platforms to shop online – and most prefer to shop there now instead of physically going to a brick-and-mortar establishment.

Starting An E-Commerce Business
Starting an E-Commerce Business: A Beginner’s Guide 4

It’s no surprise that a number of entrepreneurs and business owners are utilizing the availability of platforms like Amazon and eBay to reach out to their target market. But having several competitors also means having a more difficult time selling your products too.

So where exactly do you start if you wish to sell online – the proper way? Here are a few guidelines.

Starting an E-Commerce Business Guidelines

1. Know your niche

This is the most basic step – knowing what to sell. However, selling a product that’s already widely available makes it hard for your products to be more visible as your competitors may be ahead already.

If you wish to stand out as an E-Commerce business, offer unique and creative products and services that your customers may demand or need. Moreover, make sure that you offer something that’s made or built out of passion and hard work.

Ra 28 Starting An E-Commerce Business: A Beginner’s Guide
Starting an E-Commerce Business: A Beginner’s Guide 5

2. Find the right platform

The next thing you should focus on is your E-Commerce platform. While social media platforms are easy-to-use websites, other platforms like Amazon and eBay would make your products more visible; both of these websites have the most number of visitors — Amazon being the first.

To further boost your online presence as a company, maximise Amazon’s cataloguing system and make sure that your products are placed in the right categories.

3. Keep your customers happy

Customer satisfaction is vital to every organisation. There’s no point in having the best products if your customers are not happy with your services. Always attend to them and resolve their problems should they have any.

If they’re enquiring or asking about a product, guarantee that their concerns are addressed and attended to. Most importantly, make sure that your satisfied customers leave favourable reviews and feedback; this E-Commerce platform feature enhances your reputation as a company as people are more likely to buy from you when they know that your customers are valued.

Ra 30 Starting An E-Commerce Business: A Beginner’s Guide
Starting an E-Commerce Business: A Beginner’s Guide 6

4. Introduce yourself as a prestigious company

Having a reputable business is no longer as time-consuming as it used to be. Here at Sterlinx, we will help you gain the reputation your business deserves.

We provide you a prestigious business address in the UK and a telephone number with a universal prefix – anyone can call you from anywhere in the world. You can use this address as your official business address and we will deliver any mail addressed to your company thru our mobile app and web portal.

You can use your UK-based business address as your office address and you are free to put it on your website, calling cards, brochures, and anywhere else you want your business to be seen. Customers are more likely to buy from you once they realise that your business is registered in the UK as it’s more prestigious.

There may be a lot of competition now that E-Commerce has been on the rise, but an advantage you have is a professional business address, Amazon Accountants, and telephone number.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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