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How to sell in the UK and Europe through eCommerce

Jun 29, 2020 | Business

If you want your products to sell in the UK and Europe more effectively, you need to take advantage of the technology. People go on their computers and phones to check out the latest products and trends. That’s why a lot of companies have taken advantage of that and have made their products visible, accessible, and available to the online market. One of the leading platforms that these companies use to sell their products is Amazon. According to a study by Mintel, almost 90% of UK Shoppers use Amazon – that’s about 15 million people.

Sell In The Uk And Europe
How to sell in the UK and Europe through eCommerce 4

How do you effectively sell in the UK and Europe?

It’s an overwhelming number that sounds convincing enough to get yourself to start selling online.

You, as an E-Commerce seller may offer unique and high-quality products… but with all these companies who have already established a following, it’s so easy for your products to end up in one of the many, many lists of other, and often similar products.

A great number of companies are selling a wide range of products nowadays. They are confident that they can sell countless products because they know that they’ve established an excellent reputation.

These companies have built their reputation not only because they offer great service and exceptional products, or because they’re recognized.

How do other companies do it effectively?

Before these companies became as successful as they are now, they, too started from the bottom. What makes them different from the rest is their professionalism and their consistency at it.

Having a reputable business is not as intimidating as it used to be. With Sterlinx, we offer you a head-start that cannot be found anywhere else. We provide you with a prestigious business address in the UK and a telephone number with a universal prefix – anyone can call you from anywhere in the world.

Ra 13 1 How To Sell In The Uk And Europe Through Ecommerce
How to sell in the UK and Europe through eCommerce 5

You can use this address as your official business address and we will deliver any mails addressed to your company through our mobile app and web portal.

You can use your UK-based business address as your office address and you are free to put it on your website, calling cards, brochures, and anywhere else you want your business to be seen. Our mobile app and web portal are there for you to freely access wherever you are.

Take advantage of E-Commerce to make a profit

Other than its convenience, our client web portal and mobile app also have countless features that will greatly benefit you. One amazing feature it has is that it quickly notifies you as soon as a message from your customer has been delivered.

Customers are more likely to buy from you once they realise that your business is registered in the UK. That said, besides the business address and telephone number that Sterlinx will provide, we will also help you with your registration in the UK and Europe.

Ra 14 1 How To Sell In The Uk And Europe Through Ecommerce
How to sell in the UK and Europe through eCommerce 6

Sterlinx has a team of highly-skilled, experienced, and dedicated lawyers. Our lawyers are always available to offer you legal assistance and help you with the registration process. We work diligently to make sure that you can legally and freely run your business in the UK or Europe.

Our team of lawyers is knowledgeable, highly skilled, and always willing to offer their legal assistance. They would happily assist you with your regular contracts – from analysing and drafting, to reviewing.

What makes Sterlinx your best E-Commerce selling partner?

For E-commerce accountants in the UK and VAT services for Europe, Sterlinx is one of the top firms based in the UK. Any questions, we are here.

Signing up with Sterlinx also ensures that your trademark will be protected. The European Trademark Union covers all the EU member states.

Once signed up with Sterlinx, your trademark is automatically registered within the European Union – covering the EU zone. This ensures that your organisation is protected.

Our lawyers will help validate your EUTM registration for an initial 10-year period. You will also be offered the possibility of indefinite renewal after the said period.

Sterlinx’s legal services also extend to your business’ protection. The IPO process is an important process that we will assist you with.

Our legal advisers will draft, evaluate, and review your IPO documents and will make sure that any claims made by your enterprise are accurate. We will thoroughly investigate your company to make sure that we fully understand your firm. We will also analyse any risks your company may have – should there be any.

Countless people dream of starting a business as it’s something you can have full control of. Many of them often get discouraged when they realise that there’s a lot that needs to be done. To some, even if they have the niche and the means, they’re too busy to take the first step towards greater success. That’s why Sterlinx is here to help you with everything that you need and everything you need to be done. We make lives easier as we open the door for endless opportunities for you and your business.

Sign up with Sterlinx now so you can be a step closer to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

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