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Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued a Fashion Designer’s Business

Aug 13, 2020 | Case Studies

Here is how Sterlinx helped a Fashion Designer’s Business. Steve is a fashion designer that recently completed his degree in fashion design. He then decided to launch a startup business. The designs were so good that he started getting a lot of sales and his business started growing really well. He hired a team of customer support executives to help out the customers with various types of services such as taking mail orders and dealing with after-sales support. But the cost of his operations went up, making it drastically difficult for him to sustain the business itself.

Ra 26 Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued A Fashion Designer’s Business
Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued a Fashion Designer’s Business 4

The cost of running an in-house team of the customer support team was rather costly and less manageable. He funds all of this while also having to carry out a lot of other work in growing his business.

Moreover, whenever a member of staff would leave, it would always become tedious to recruit a new person, train them, and make them represent the brand image that he wanted them to; this caused unnecessary delays and loss of precious time which could have been spent on better and more productive things.

After all, he was risking the reputation of his brand image to a wide range of customers.

Steve tried to find a solution and guidance to help him rescue his failing business. He then found out about the award-winning Sterlinx Virtual Customer Support Service. Initially, Steve only wanted to avail the Customer Support Service for his business, but Sterlinx offered him so much more.

Not only did Sterlinx give him a professional business address in Liverpool, England but Sterlinx also provided Steve with a team of dedicated and highly-skilled customer support executives who would take care of the presale, inbound sales, and aftersale inquiries of his customers.

Ra 25 Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued A Fashion Designer’s Business
Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued a Fashion Designer’s Business 5

Sterlinx’s unique and innovative services boosted Steve’s sales as his satisfied customers came back and ordered from him again and again. Not only that but Steve was also offered numerous and feasible B2B contracts over the phone – from the Customer Support Service itself.

To become as successful as Steve, allow Sterlinx to run your sales, customer service, and technical support. Whether it is over the phone, through emails, or through your CRM systems, we can handle it all professionally, diligently, and within your budget.

We will be at your own cost hiring an in-house team of staff. With us, you pay no holidays, no sick leaves, and no recruitment fees. There is also no lack of advisors.

We can facilitate a 24/7 call center system depending on how you want it in order to accurately suit your business needs while you can focus on growing your business.

Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued a Fashion Designer’s Business 6

Any problem that your business may have, Sterlinx can and will solve it for you.

Whether it is about your products, customers, or warehousing problems, we are here to find the perfect solution for it to keep your business running smoothly. We will also help you grow your E-Commerce business into a more successful one – now and in the years to come. Get in touch with us now.

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