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How Hiring eCommerce Accountants Makes Your Life Easier

Apr 6, 2023 | Business, E-Commerce, UK Accounting

Unsure of whether working with eCommerce accountants is the right choice? Here are 6 ways they can ease the burden on entrepreneurs like you.  

6 Benefits of Working with eCommerce Accountants

Running your business is no easy feat, but as an owner, you always want to be on top of everything. However, being in control of every detail can be exhausting and overwhelming over time. If you’ve reached your limit, consider delegating some of your workload to a team of eCommerce accountants.  

These professionals do more than just crunch numbers—they can make your life as an entrepreneur less complicated. Let’s count the ways how. 

1. Saves You Time and Trouble

Whether you’re managing one or several online stores, it doesn’t discount the fact that you will have many tasks to keep operations running smoothly. Apart from your daily tasks, you probably do your taxes and bookkeeping when you think you can’t afford an accountant. 

Despite having basic accounting skills and knowledge, there’s always the risk of errors—inaccurate financial figures, wrong tax amounts, etc. These oversights can be costly to your business as you face penalties for non-compliance or violations. In some cases, you may even be subject to an audit. 

With eCommerce accountants onboard, they will take care of the tedious and challenging tasks, freeing up time you can spend generating more sales. Moreover, you will have peace of mind knowing that an expert is focused on the details. 

2. Keeps Your Finances in Order

Doing your own accounting may sound feasible at the early stages of your operations. However, it can quickly get complicated as your business picks up. Eventually, you won’t have the time to manage your finances. 

But when you work with a team of experienced eCommerce accountants, there’s no need to worry over the minute financial details of your business. You don’t have to be anxious over losing sight of who owes you, how much is owed, and when your obligations are due. A professional will help you get back on track. 

Besides bookkeeping, an accountant can reconcile your bank statements, calculate taxes, file returns, and prepare financial reports. Sterlinx Global can even assist you with rebate claims if you’ve overpaid taxes—those refunds can go back into the business as additional inventory or capital. 

Since they have an outside view of your business’ accounts, they can give you a summary of current performance and health—is your company earning or losing money? Also, monitoring the key metrics and crucial aspects—such as cash flow—lets you understand financial matters at a glance.  

3. Reduces Tax-Related Concerns and Costs

No matter the size of your business, you will benefit from a well-executed tax planning strategy, which is only possible when eCommerce accountants help you. 

With proper tax planning, your business can reduce its tax liability by deferring or accelerating income, or holding off or reflecting expenses. Whatever you choose, rest assured that accountants will keep your finances on track by paying attention to your taxes.

Entrepreneurs are usually stressed over taxes since they worry as to whether they’re paying the right amount or filing their returns on time. Often, the more complicated their tax obligations are, the more stressful and prone to errors their compliance will be if unassisted. 

Experienced accountants understand tax laws and continue to be updated on changing regulations. They will inform you of the revised rules, ensuring you’re always compliant to avoid significant penalties and violations. With the right tools and knowledge, you can steer clear of unnecessary charges that impact earnings. 

4. Deals with the Government on Your Behalf

When you have a business, dealing with various governing bodies is inevitable at some point. This kind of interaction often leads to stress and anxiety, causing you to lose focus. But if you’re working with a team of eCommerce accountants, you can be at ease knowing they already have it covered. 

Apart from tax preparation, they can also: 

  • Accomplish and file the required compliance documents 
  • Update your business’ status in the government’s company register
  • Prepare and submit annual statements of accounts

Besides paperwork, a good accountant can help should your business be audited. If you’re under investigation, they will guide you on working within an ongoing audit, help you respond to official enquiry or review, and carry out tasks to submit the required documents for clearance. 

Sterlinx Global even has a team of local accountants to help eCommerce businesses with their VAT registration and compliance requirements in the country where they have a customer base.  

5. Gives Sound Business Advice 

Many small businesses and lean startups stumble at some point. And while it was a learning experience, most would rather avoid the costly pitfalls and preferred to have someone guide them at every stage of their venture. 

When you bring in an eCommerce accountant, you can expect them to provide advisory services for improving profitability and scaling your operations. Since they work with different businesses, they have a wealth of knowledge to help their clients work through their financial challenges. 

Their keen sense of how to run a business efficiently is helpful to digital entrepreneurs when planning and implementing a strategy. For example, you want to improve your bottom line. An accountant can propose price changes along with better cost management. 

These insights, often gleaned from years of experience, are highly valuable to business owners in sidestepping expensive mistakes. 

6. Helps with Decision-Making

Besides being excellent sources of insights, eCommerce accountants can be reliable sources of support for your business. They are objective since they don’t have bias, unlike your friends and family, but at the same time, they know how your company works.

That’s why you can trust their opinion, because they want you to succeed—after all, they are your partner in business. Moreover, they can crunch the numbers and back up their advice with figures. They will provide detailed knowledge of your finances to help you decide your next steps. 

You can ask your accountant to produce key metrics and create financial projections as your guide on whether to push through with an expansion strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you hire an accountant? 

There is no single right time to get an eCommerce accountant. They can help you in any situation and stage of your business development. Some entrepreneurs work with a professional to help them determine the best company structure, create a business plan, or even decide when to sell their company.

How do you find the right eCommerce Accountants? 

Begin your search by asking colleagues for referrals—this approach partly vets potential candidates. Another strategy is to look at highly recommended firms. It’s best to work with a firm specialising in online marketplaces, like Sterlinx Global, since they already have the experience and expertise.

Is it more cost-efficient to hire an accountant?

Yes. If you want to know by how much, picture this scenario. Suppose you’re doing your books, and it takes you 10 hours to finish the task. If your time is worth £5 an hour, it will cost you £50 to complete this function.

On the other hand, getting an accountant to do it will cost you less and without the risk of errors. Moreover, you will have better use of your time.


Working with a team of eCommerce accountants offers many benefits that most small businesses fail to see. Their assistance and advice on financial matters can be pivotal to your business growth, preventing significant losses from missteps. 

Partner with Sterlinx Global today and see how our accountants can ease your burdens. 

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