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High-Tax Payers Move to Dubai and Here is Why: Tax Free Move to Dubai

Aug 11, 2023 | Dubai Tax Free, Business

Are you tired of paying high taxes and seeking a more favorable tax environment? Then, Dubai might just be the answer for you. This city in the United Arab Emirates is becoming a popular destination for high-tax payers due to tax advantages and luxurious lifestyles. Find out why a tax free move to Dubai is the ultimate goal for the wealthy.

Why High-tax Payers Make a Tax Free Move to Dubai?

There has been a growing trend of high-tax payers relocating to Dubai recently. As a result, this city in the United Arab Emirates has become a magnet for wealthy individuals seeking a more favorable tax environment.

With its world-class infrastructure, beautiful skyline, and luxurious lifestyle, it is no wonder that many are making a tax free move to Dubai.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the key reasons behind this phenomenon and why the allure of a tax free move to Dubai is increasingly attractive for high-tax payers.

Tax Free Move to Dubai #1. Zero Income Tax

The main driving force behind a tax free move to Dubai is the city’s lack of personal income tax. High-tax payers from countries with high tax rates, such as the United States and many European countries, find the prospect of retaining their entire income quite enticing.

The tax free move to Dubai allows them to save a significant portion of their earnings that would otherwise be paid in taxes, allowing them to grow their wealth and invest in other opportunities.

To better understand the appeal of a tax free move to Dubai, we can compare its tax systems to high-tax countries. For example, the federal income tax rate for high earners in the United States can reach up to 37%.

The effective tax rate can be even higher when state and local taxes are considered. Similarly, in many European countries, top income tax rates often exceed 40%, with some countries like Sweden and Denmark having rates above 50%.

In contrast, a tax free move to Dubai means that individuals can keep their entire income, which translates to significant savings for high-income earners.

This tax advantage is especially significant for entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors who generate substantial income and seek ways to maximize their wealth preservation and growth.

#2. Corporate Tax Benefits

Dubai offers various corporate tax benefits to companies that operate in one of its many free zones.

These zones provide incentives like 100% exemption from corporate tax for a specific number of years, no withholding taxes on interest, dividends, or royalties, and streamlined bureaucracy. 

Additionally, companies can benefit from extended corporate tax exemptions for up to 50 years, depending on the specific free zone. They can also retain complete control over their operations and enjoy the full benefits of their investments as foreign investors.

However, except for foreign banks and oil companies, other companies not within the free zones and with profits exceeding AED 375,000 must pay a 9% corporate tax, as per the new tax law implemented in 2023.

But since it only applies once the profit threshold is exceeded and is a relatively low rate, Dubai’s corporate tax is still competitive compared to other cities.

#3. Property Ownership

Another reason high-taxpayers are attracted to a tax free move to Dubai is the opportunity to own property without being subjected to property taxes.

Dubai’s real estate market offers various properties, from luxurious villas to high-rise apartments, catering to multiple tastes and budgets.

This, combined with the absence of property taxes, makes investing in real estate in Dubai an appealing prospect for high-taxpayers.

#4. A Stable Economy and Currency

One of the factors why there has been a growing interest in a tax free move to Dubai is the city’s stable economy and currency. The UAE Dirham (Dubai’s local currency) is pegged to the US Dollar, which offers a level of stability and predictability for investors and residents alike.

The city’s thriving economy, driven by sectors such as tourism, real estate, and finance, offers a stable environment for businesses and individuals to prosper.

#5. High Quality of Life

With its modern infrastructure, world-class healthcare, and education facilities, a tax free move to Dubai is not only about the financial benefits but also improving the quality of life.

Moreover, Dubai is a melting pot of cultures, offering a rich and diverse lifestyle with numerous leisure and entertainment options. This makes a tax free move to Dubai even more appealing, as high tax 

#6. Safety and Security

Dubai is known for its low crime rates and strict law enforcement, making it one of the safest cities in the world. This sense of safety and security is another reason high-tax payers are attracted to a tax free move to Dubai.

The city’s commitment to maintaining a secure environment for its residents and businesses is a significant factor in its growing appeal.


Ultimately, a tax free move to Dubai can significantly impact the personal and professional lives of taxpayers seeking to improve their financial situation with an opportunity to potentially reduce their tax burdens and enjoy a more favorable financial environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to set up and run a business in Dubai?

The process is straightforward and streamlined if you plan to set up a business in Dubai. The government has created a business-friendly environment with favorable tax policies, incentives, and free trade zones.

Depending on your business needs, you can set up a company on your own or through a local sponsor.

What visa requirements must I fulfill if I want to move to Dubai? 

If you’re a high taxpayer planning to move to Dubai, you must obtain a visa to enter and reside there. The visa requirements may vary depending on your nationality, profession, and purpose of travel.

You can apply for a tourist, work, or residency visa through the UAE embassy or a local sponsor.

What cultural considerations should I consider while planning to move to Dubai?

Dubai is a multicultural city that welcomes people from different backgrounds and cultures. However, you must be aware of local etiquette and customs to avoid any cultural faux pas.

Some considerations to keep in mind include dressing modestly in public, respecting local traditions and customs, and being mindful of Ramadan restrictions.

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