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For Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors: What are the Benefits?

Oct 16, 2023 | Dubai Tax Free


Calling all investors in search of the next big venture! Dubai Mainland Companies await your exploration. Whether you possess extensive entrepreneurial experience or are a startup enthusiast, read on to know why becoming an investor in Dubai Mainland is your ticket to business prosperity!

Benefits of Being One of Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you are an investor looking for lucrative opportunities, you might consider Dubai Mainland Companies. Regardless of your level of entrepreneurial experience, becoming one of the Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors has undeniable appeal.

We will explore the advantages of venturing into this thriving economic landscape. Discover in this blog why Dubai Mainland is a sought-after investment destination. Continue reading as we uncover the benefits of being a foreign investor in Dubai Mainland.

Quick Overview of Dubai Mainland Company

Dubai Mainland Company refers to a type of business entity registered and operating within the mainland jurisdiction of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

These companies are governed by the Commercial Companies Law and registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of Dubai.

Unlike free zone companies, Dubai Mainland Companies have the flexibility to conduct business not only within Dubai but also throughout the UAE and internationally.

They are subject to specific regulations and requirements set by the DED, including the need for a local Emirati sponsor or agent, although recent changes have relaxed this requirement in certain sectors. We will further explain this in the following sections of the blog.

Benefits of Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors

Foreign investors in Dubai Mainland Companies enjoy numerous benefits that pave the way for their business success. These advantages create a favourable setting for their ventures to flourish and achieve their goals:

Open Doors for Opportunities

The first benefit for Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors is the vast array of business opportunities. Dubai’s Mainland is a vibrant commercial hub with numerous sectors thriving simultaneously.

Whether you’re into retail, hospitality, real estate, technology, or any other industry, Dubai’s Mainland provides a fertile ground to grow your business.

No Currency Restrictions

As a foreign investor in Dubai Mainland, you’ll love the absence of currency restrictions. This means you can freely trade in the currency of your choice, making cross-border transactions smoother than ever. In an increasingly globalized world, this flexibility is a significant advantage.

100% Business Ownership

One of the most attractive benefits for Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors is the possibility of 100% foreign ownership. As mentioned earlier, previously, foreign investors were required to partner with a UAE national who held a minimum of 51% of the company’s shares.

However, recent legislative changes mean that you, as a foreign investor, can wholly own your business in many sectors. This represents a significant shift in UAE policy and a tremendous opportunity for foreign investors.

Access to the Wider UAE Market

Another undeniable advantage for Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors is unrestricted access to the broader UAE market.

Unlike free zones, where companies are primarily limited to doing business within the zone or overseas, mainland companies can trade freely anywhere in the UAE. This flexibility opens up a whole new world of business opportunities.

Easy Legal Procedures

The legal procedures in Dubai are relatively straightforward, making the city even more attractive for Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) has streamlined the process of business establishment and operation so that obtaining approval and securing a trade license in Dubai Mainland can be completed within just a few days in most cases.

Availability of Manpower

Dubai’s multiculturalism and diverse talent pool are significant advantages for Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors. The city offers a vast array of skilled professionals across various industries, including finance, technology, marketing, and hospitality.

Dubai’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent, coupled with a world-class education system and favourable working conditions, presents investors in Dubai Mainland with a highly skilled and motivated workforce to drive business growth and innovation.

Tax Advantages and Double Taxation Treaties

By operating within Dubai Mainland, investors can take advantage of a favourable tax system, including exemptions and incentives, to minimize tax burdens and optimize their profitability and cash flows.

Additionally, double taxation treaties ensure that income earned in multiple jurisdictions is not subject to duplicate taxation, thereby facilitating international business operations and promoting cross-border investments.

Dubai Mainland’s commitment to providing a tax-efficient framework empowers investors to thrive and succeed in their ventures while maximizing profitability.

Safety and Security

Dubai is well-known for its high levels of safety and security. The UAE government takes great strides to ensure that businesses operate in a safe and secure environment.

This sense of security is an added benefit for Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors, as it provides peace of mind and stability, which are crucial for business growth.

Strong Government Support

The UAE government is highly supportive of foreign investments. As one of the Dubai Mainland Company Foreign Investors, you can expect to receive significant support regarding favourable policies, incentives, and initiatives to foster business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is Dubai attractive to foreign investors?

    Dubai’s strategic location plus a business-friendly environment, robust infrastructure, political stability, diversified economy, tax advantages, ease of doing business, and access to a talented workforce are just some of the factors that make foreign investors drawn to this city.

    With a proactive government encouraging investment, Dubai presents an ideal platform for foreign investors in a dynamic and thriving market.

  • Why would a country encourage foreign investors? 

    Countries encourage foreign investors as they bring in capital, promote growth, create jobs, transfer technology, foster innovation, expand markets, and enhance competitiveness.

    In addition, they stimulate domestic industries, increase exports, attract foreign exchange, and boost infrastructure development.

    Welcoming foreign investors also accelerates economic development and allows countries to benefit from capital inflows, knowledge transfer, and market opportunities.

  • How much is a Dubai mainland employment visa?

    The cost of a Dubai Mainland employment visa varies based on factors like business type, position, and DED requirements.

    Typically, it ranges from AED 5,000 to AED 10,000 or more, covering application fees, medical tests, visa issuance fees, and related expenses. For accurate and up-to-date information, consulting relevant authorities or immigration consultants is recommended.


If you’re thinking of expanding your business operations internationally, Dubai Mainland is worth considering. With the benefits we discussed, it’s no wonder that foreign investors are choosing Dubai Mainland as their preferred investment destination.

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