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E-Commerce: Documents You Need to Prepare When Expanding in Europe

Aug 1, 2020 | Business

Expanding your business in the European Union is an excellent business strategy. As an E-Commerce seller, you will get to target one of the biggest E-Commerce markets in the world. According to Statista, after the US, Germany is ranked as Amazon’s next biggest market with net sales of almost 20 billion dollars; next is UK with 14.5 billion.

It’s no wonder why most companies who wish to broaden their business horizon make the decision of selling their products in the UK and in Europe. In fact, most of them were only able to attain their level of success after they expanded their business there.

Ra 36 E-Commerce: Documents You Need To Prepare When Expanding In Europe
E-Commerce: Documents You Need to Prepare When Expanding in Europe 4

Whether you’re a startup business, a medium-sized enterprise or an established corporation, growing your business thru the means of business expansion requires a hefty amount of documents – especially in Europe.

While the preparation of the relevant and needed documents can be learned and done easily, having your documents approved is another thing.

E-commerce VAT Number

A VAT registration number is needed in order to sell to Europe. It’s one of the many documents that the European government requires when starting a business there – and it takes a lot of familiarity with European law to see fast and effective results.

Many business owners get discouraged once they realise that there’s no guarantee that their prepared and submitted documents will get approved. That’s why they seek help from professionals instead.

Ra 35 E-Commerce: Documents You Need To Prepare When Expanding In Europe
E-Commerce: Documents You Need to Prepare When Expanding in Europe 5

Sterlinx to Help You

Fortunately, one of Sterlinx’s many packages includes a unique and exceptional service – we offer you assistance in the preparation and submission of the application forms needed for VAT registration.

Once you sign up with us, we will also provide access to all of the legal services that can guide you on the information needed by the tax authorities. Our Amazon Seller Accountants will also advise and update you on the current and local VAT rates.

Sterlinx has several legal experts that specialise in VAT and tax authority bureaucracy. We guarantee that all of your VAT concerns will be properly addressed; we will also manage the full complexity that goes into VAT registrations.

Aside from that, any other legal problem that you may encounter with your business can be resolved with the help of our team of proficient and highly-skilled lawyers. We ensure that once you team up with us, any dilemma you may face is addressed and fixed.

Moreover, you can check and be notified of the status of your business expansion from registration to fulfilment thru our web portal and mobile application.

Ra 34 E-Commerce: Documents You Need To Prepare When Expanding In Europe
E-Commerce: Documents You Need to Prepare When Expanding in Europe 6

Once your VAT registration is approved, you can now freely sell your products in Europe.

Your business can also be registered in the UK and operate there even without having to be physically in the UK – nor do you have to have a brick-and-mortar establishment there.

Another service that Sterlinx provides is the opportunity to have your very own UK business address. It’s yours to use however you want it – whether it’s for marketing purposes like your letterheads, emails, or calling cards.

Sterlinx is the only company that offers its clients full service for E-Commerce businesses. We ensure that no matter which step you take in your business, it will only grow to be more successful – and that it stays that way.

By signing up with Sterlinx, you will give your business the opportunity to grow without all the worries that go along with VAT registrations.

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