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10 Reasons to Get Yourself an Accountant for Freelancers in UK

Mar 8, 2023 | Business, UK Accounting

Are you thinking of hiring an accountant for freelancers? Here are 10 reasons why getting one is a worthy investment, even if you’re a freelancer. 

Why Hire an Accountant for Freelancers in the UK?

Freelancers account for a significant portion of the UK’s self-employed workforce because of the freedom and flexibility this career path affords. It is also financially rewarding, especially if one works with multiple clients. 

However, going freelance doesn’t free you of the tax responsibilities that employees and business owners have; sometimes, your tax obligations can even be more complicated. That and a few more are reasons to work with an accountant for freelancers UK.

1. Get an Accurate Picture of Your Business

Being a freelancer is similar to running your own business—you earn revenues from selling your services and incur expenses from performing the job. But how do you know if you’re making a profit or which clients you should relinquish? 

You’ll find the answers to your questions with a simple profit and loss statement. Based on that data, you can see which clients offer the highest margins and earnings. However, you will only glean these details when an experienced accountant does your accounts and produces financial statements. 

2. Manage Your Cash Flow

Even if you’re a freelancer or independent contractor, efficient cash management is crucial to your finances. You’ll need a steady flow of cash into your bank accounts to ensure that you have enough funds to meet your payables and operational costs. 

When you work with an accountant for freelancers UK, they will optimise your revenue stream by issuing invoices immediately, looking after your outstanding receivables, and improving debt collection from non-paying clients. At the same time, they’ll identify outflows that reduce your money on hand. 

3. Improve Cost-Efficiency

Hiring an accountant may seem like an extra expense, particularly when trying to reduce costs. But that’s just a common misconception.

A professional accountant does more than look at your expenses and take out the ones that cost you the most. Instead, they will analyse your operations and identify areas to reduce bloat and waste. They may recommend alternatives to trim your expenses without impacting your performance as a freelancer. 

4. Maximise Deductions

Most freelancers are too wrapped up in their work that they forget to prepare for the tax season. When the deadline approaches, they scramble and frantically think about how to make the most of their deductions. And at this point, it’s already too late to reflect adjustments. 

When you work with an accountant for freelancers UK like Sterlinx Global, we will determine which expenses can count as potential year-end deductions and advise how to manage them. Freelancers must learn to track and account for depreciation, home office space, and other out-of-pocket expenses.  

5. Make Better Decisions

Managing your freelancing career is akin to running a business—at some point, you reach critical junctures that require a decision. And to make a sound decision, you may need an objective perspective of a professional that understands your gig’s ins and outs and your financial goals. 

For example, you may think of structuring your business as a limited company instead of a sole trader. By collaborating with your accountant, you gain insight into the pros and cons of taking the best course of action based on your current situation. 

6. Avoid a Tax Investigation

Did you know that when you work with an accountant for freelancers UK, you can steer clear of the dreaded tax investigation? 

Most self-employed individuals only think of hiring a professional once they’re subject to an audit, believing that accountants can quickly fix the issues after occurring. It’s a common misconception and a costly one at that. 

When you have an accountant with you at the start, they will keep your accounts in order, reduce tax-related errors, and ensure your business is fiscally sound. 

7. Stay Out of Trouble

Freelancers are subject to some of the rules applicable to business owners. And if you’re working on several projects simultaneously, chances are you’ll overlook some of the government’s compliance requirements.  

Numerous government regulations on taxation, compensation and even accounting procedures often change, and it can be challenging to monitor updates and comply with them. Noncompliance is a burden and costly. But with an accountant on board, you can avoid mistakes or take steps to correct them.

8. Plan for the Future

Most freelancers rarely plan for the future—as long as they have clients, it’s enough to keep their gig going. But what if something unfortunate happens and you start losing clients to competitors? 

An accountant can give sound advice and assistance in developing a viable strategy for your service business. They will help you figure out your next steps to boost income, improve operational efficiency, budget for investments, and keep track of your finances to stay competitive. 

Their objective stance allows them to identify the best ways to support growth, consistently thrive, and ensure the longevity of your freelancing business. 

9. Free Up Time

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of getting an accountant is having more time for yourself. Instead of dealing with the minutiae of taxes, regulatory compliance, and managing accounts, you can focus on producing quality work, looking for more clients, and creating strategic partnerships. 

Your accountant will take over crucial but time-consuming tasks so that you can direct your energy into running your freelancing gig in the most efficient way possible. Let us at Sterlinx Global help you achieve success by supporting you and giving you more time to do what you’re good at.  

10. Reduce Your Stress

Sometimes, your freelancing business may be subject to an investigation or audit despite your best efforts to comply with regulations. It can be stressful, causing you to lose focus on your work.  

If you have an accountant, they will eliminate this anxiety by handling all the required responses and documentation to clear your status. By taking the burden off your shoulders, you’ll have more energy to meet your targets and deadlines. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it worth it to get an accountant when I’m only a freelancer? 

    Yes. It becomes even more critical when you have multiple clients, and keeping track of your receivables becomes more difficult. Keep in mind that accountants do more than file your taxes on time and handle paperwork—they can analyse financial data to make your freelancing gig more profitable.

  • How do I find an accountant for freelancers UK? 

    Start your search on the Internet, and make sure it’s localised. Choose a firm with experience working with freelancers rather than those offering general services. We at Sterlinx specialise in self-employed individuals, which makes us more attuned to their needs.

  • Will it be more cost-efficient to hire an accountant? 

    Put a value on the time and effort it takes to do your taxes come filing season. Suppose it takes 10 hours to complete this task, and your hour is worth £5. By doing it on your own, you lost £50 in earnings. But if you hire one, you’ll spend less.

The Bottom Line

Hiring an accountant for UK freelancers lets you achieve massive success in your freelancing gig, helping you thrive by providing invaluable support, work, and advice. The above 10 reasons prove that working with a professional is not an expense but an investment. 

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