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A Solution to Your Warehousing Problems

Jul 28, 2020 | Business

Monitoring your products can be hard. Keeping up with your inventory and warehousing problems has also been proven to be difficult. There are also times when the orders have to be shipped from places that are difficult to access. This may seem like a basic, simple, or common problem to corporations, but to medium-sized enterprises or even startup businesses, warehousing, shipping, and deliveries can be a nightmare; this dilemma even sometimes discourages business owners from expanding.

Warehousing Problems
A Solution to Your Warehousing Problems 4

The benefit of starting an E-Commerce business is you can sell your products in almost any part of the globe. People from different countries patronise your products and services.

But the disadvantage of it is making your products available and accessible to them. Because of the rise of online shoppers over the past few years, many individuals opt to shop from brands in Asia – specifically China, because of their more affordable prices.

Unfortunately, not all Chinese brands can cater to the Western and European markets.

Sterlinx Can Help Your Warehousing Problems

Sterlinx has found a solution to your warehousing and storage worries that will eliminate any problems regarding your logistics and customer queries.

Our warehouses that are designated for our clients are equipped with a well-engineered supply chain management that allows you to process orders daily within 24 hours – regardless of their destination. Once a customer of yours orders a product from you, our systems are notified instantly to process their orders.

Ra 38 A Solution To Your Warehousing Problems
A Solution to Your Warehousing Problems 5

Once it’s processed by our Fulfilment Staff, our state-of-the-art warehouse AIs will intelligently locate their desired products and they will then be packed and labelled for shipping.

Your products are guaranteed safe and secured as our facilities and modern premises are equipped with advanced robotics and AI Technologies which help realise a high level of flexibility and intelligent logistics automation solutions – we guarantee that our innovative AI technology will reduce 99.9% of errors that might occur.

Sterlinx also ensures that our fulfilment teams will consistently keep our record of 0% delayed dispatches.

Low Competition

Our Fulfilment service doesn’t end inside the warehouse – even deliveries to your customers are handled and managed by Sterlinx. To further ensure customer satisfaction, we guarantee that your customers’ orders are delivered on time and in perfect condition.

In any case that your customers may deal with an issue regarding their order, Sterlinx assures you that it will be handled by our Customer Service Representatives. Our CSR are trained to know everything about your products so any problem that might arise will be resolved almost instantly.

Because our clients come from all over the world, our solution for keeping them updated with their business is to provide them a mobile app and web portal to help them know everything they have to know about their business.

Ra 40 A Solution To Your Warehousing Problems
A Solution to Your Warehousing Problems 6

Any important document, email, or letter addressed to our clients is forwarded to them. They will then be notified right away.

Broadening your horizon in the business sphere may seem like an intimidating and daunting process, but Sterlinx guarantees that your business expansion will be nothing but a breeze.

From business registration to order deliveries, we will do it for you diligently and efficiently – all at an affordable package price.

With Sterlinx, you can make sure that all your back-end needs are taken care of while we notify you of it around the clock.

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