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5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business

Aug 20, 2020 | Business

Whether you’re a startup business that wants to get a head start in the industry, a medium-sized enterprise that wishes to expand your business, or an established corporation that aspires to reach out to an even bigger market, Sterlinx can help you in countless ways

Why is business expansion crucial?

While there’s nothing wrong with having a self-sustaining business that’s keeping you passionate and inspired with your job, the limitations of selling only to a select market can impede your company from growing.

Catering to the same people doesn’t ensure that they will be repurchasing your products for the next few years.

After all, once they acquire the product that you offer, they may no longer be considered repeat customers. Moreover, customer satisfaction cannot be guaranteed to all of them.

Where can I expand my business?

Business expansion is every entrepreneur’s goal. Most business owners aim to expand their business in Europe – the home to one of the biggest E-Commerce markets.

Unfortunately, not many of them have access to the right resources nor do they know where to find the most suited professionals for them to consult regarding their expansion in Europe.

Fortunately, Sterlinx, is the first of its kind – we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their business in the UK and Europe – and we do so efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

So how exactly can Sterlinx guide you into becoming more successful? Here are 5 ways:

1. Sterlinx registers your business for you.

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5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business 6

Business expansion may sound intimidating especially if you’re targeting a specific market in unfamiliar territory. What’s even more intimidating is the fact that more well-known companies have already built a strong presence in Europe.

With Sterlinx, your company is registered as a UK-based company; an address based in Liverpool, England is provided to you. You can then use this new business address wherever you want it – whether it’s for marketing purposes like calling cards, letterheads, or brochures.

Once you sign up with Sterlinx, you’re also given a unique telephone number with a universal prefix of +44.

This service that Sterlinx provides allows you to gain a head start from other established companies as you’re showing your customers that your business is prestigious and professional.

2. We ensure that your customers are happy.

5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business 7

Customer satisfaction is vital to every business – and Sterlinx values your customers as though they’re our own.

With our Call Centre Service, we guarantee that any problem your customers may have regarding their purchase is addressed, resolved, and taken care of.

We ensure that anyone who’s in need of our Call Centre Service is attended to – even you. Our 24/7 Technical Support Team is available to you should you have any queries regarding our service.

Any issue with your business is sorted out, and we ensure that your business will run smoothly and that it remains that way.

3. Your warehousing problems are taken care of.

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5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business 8

A common dilemma that business owners face is they don’t have the right resources to aid them in their products and how they can store them.

Sterlinx is the solution to a company’s warehousing problem as we store, ship, and deliver your customers’ ordered products for you.

Once your customer orders a product from you, our state-of-the-art AI technology will intelligently locate the ordered product for your customer.

Our Fulfilment Team will then pack, ship and deliver the items right at your customer’s doorstep – and we make sure that all of them receive their orders on time.

4. We ensure that your business is safe.

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5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business 9

One of the biggest problems that entrepreneurs encounter is that they’re not very familiar with European law.

Sterlinx addresses the demand for business owners to learn everything that goes on in Europe and UK as well as the documents that they need to prepare and submit to the government.

Sterlinx’s legal experts together with our Amazon Accountants will register, trademark, and protect your business to ensure that you operate within the European borders legally and freely.

Should you have any problem regarding your business or if you wish to know more about European law, our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers will assist you – any time, any day.

5. We value vacations – go ahead and have one!

Kepksuc 5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business
5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business 10

Vacations – everybody wants to take one. But when you’re running a business, it can be difficult, especially when you know that you have to delegate the tasks to someone else.

We understand your need to be able to monitor your business even when you’re away from it.

Sterlinx provides you with a mobile application and a web portal for you to check on your business. Any document, letter, or mail addressed to your company will be forwarded to you through those platforms.

We will notify you of everything you need to know – because we know how important your business is to you – it is to us as well.

How can I start my business expansion?

Business expansion is no longer as intimidating nor as difficult as it used to be. If you wish to scale your business like never before, sign up with Sterlinx now.

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