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Case Study: Difficulties of doing the Accounting on your own and how Sterlinx aided in the success of a Food Small Business

Nov 12, 2022 | Case Studies

For years, Andrew had dreamt of setting up his own Food Business from the ground up. When he finally owned a small shop, he was bound to encounter challenges like any business owner. For all small businesses, no matter the size, finance is the lifeblood of all operations and determines the success of your establishment. Andrew knew he would be in deep trouble without help. Here is how Sterlinx helped this small-scale business succeed. 

While he oversaw his small-scale business, he expected to manage the finances and accounting himself to ensure he was on track with every decision and investment. However, managing the finances, tax, and overall accounting robbed much of his time and energy. It became harder for him to catch up with the growing revenue and cost of running his business.

Aside from that, it was challenging to find accountants for a small business in the UK. He thought he could manage the finances and taxes of his business alone. 

For any establishment, mismanagement of finances will result in discrepancies in tracking your business growth. Tracking your business’s cash flow and taxes will require a tax specialist. After all, taxes are crucial, and mistakes in filing your taxes will result in losses and put your business and yourself at risk. Sooner or later, you will need a small business accountant. 

Andrew realised what he would go through if he continued doing the accounting himself just to cut expenditures. He would have put himself and the business he worked hard on at risk by not asking for help from professionals. 

He knew that his business was growing and would demand better management, he looked for solutions to his dilemma. Having a tax specialist would help him greatly in this ordeal.

In his quest to find a helping hand that would lessen the weight on his shoulders, he found out about the renowned UK Accounting Services Sterlinx offered for small businesses. Andrew was unsure of the decision at first. He knew that availing of the services that accounting firms such as Sterlinx offer would be an additional cost he would need to keep track of. 

He realised, though, that Sterlinx could offer him more than just a small business accountant to help his growing business. 

Sterlinx provided Full Accounting services for Andrew, so he had more time to manage his business without accounting on his mind. He could rest easy, knowing he could check his business’ growth without getting confused about Sales Tracking. He was also assured that he would never miss any tax deadlines through Deadline Reminders from his small business accountant. Sterlinx makes getting the needed help from a tax specialist trouble-free. 

The results? 

With more time to be a hands-on business owner with Qualified Accountancy Services, he could rely on, Andrew’s business showed visible growth. 

To experience the relief Andrew now has in managing his business, allow Sterlinx to provide you with a dedicated Accounting service. With our team of AAT and ACCA-qualified accountants, we can take of everything accounting. Aside from that, we boast of ourselves as certified Xero partners and Amazon SPN service providers. 

We make it easier for small business owners to reach a small business accountant. Our tax specialist is willing to help you no matter your business size. 

We handle everything from Bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT, Self-assessments, and Digital documentation to E-commerce Accounting and Xero training. We consider every project different and every client special.

Your accounting problems will be solved with a team of experts 

Whether you need assistance with bookkeeping or managing finances, we will find solutions for any situation. A tax specialist from our team will ensure you and your small business are taken care of. Let us help you and watch your small venture grow. Contact us now at Sterlinx Global.

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