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Case Study: Time-consuming payroll processing and how Sterlinx aided in keeping the business afloat and retaining employees

Dec 11, 2022 | Case Studies

Managing and organising payroll is necessary to keep the business running. Owners know how important it is to ensure everything is on the right track and there are no miscalculations. However, for small business owners, managing payroll can take a lot of time. Owners can use the time spent organising payroll on more productive ventures. 

For any small business, employee retention and financial management are essential to keep running. It takes investment to train employees, and keep them in the business requires great employee and employer relations.

Payroll processing needs to have no mishaps or miscalculations. Payroll inaccuracies can erode your employees’ trust in you and motivate your best employees to look elsewhere.

Jamie owned a small retail store that had been running for months. As a small business, he did not think his venture would need much to keep it afloat. He had his employees’ trust that he would make sure there would be no payroll discrepancies.

Now that his business had significantly grown and Jamie saw himself upgrading the retail store, he hired more employees. The growth of his business came with more entries in his tax and payroll calculations. He had more in his business finances to manage.

When his business finances needed more attention and became demanding, managing them himself became difficult.

He spent hours every month making sure there were no miscalculations in the payroll and finances. However, his efforts in payroll processing were not enough, as he soon began making mistakes. 

Miscalculations in payroll processing also affected his tax filing and business finances. Employees soon become disgruntled, seeing that they received inaccurate payments. He then faced low employee retention, not to include mishaps in his tax calculations.

He also saw how many business opportunities he missed by spending a lot of time trying to do the payroll processing independently. With how many mistakes he made, he realised he needed help. He could use help from a payroll outsourcing service.

Jamie began looking for a payroll outsourcing service to help him with his troubles.

He needed help to let him focus on moving his business forward. His hard work would be for nothing if his business became stagnant. Not to mention the eroded employee and employer retention, training new employees cost money too. 

While searching the internet, Jamie found out about the services offered by Sterlinx Global. He found it enticing as a business owner and wanted to take the payroll outsourcing service.

Sterlinx, on the other hand, did not just provide him with payroll processing. We at Sterlinx Global made sure that we provided him with a scalable payroll service. The same goes for any business of any size. 

Our payroll outsourcing service provided Jamie with anything he needed to be related to excellent payroll processing. We took care of creating, calculating, and filing employee payslips using industry-grade payroll software. 

Not only that, but our Payroll Services also included payroll for new employees, monthly payroll, registration and submissions of pensions, Employers NI, sick pay recording, holiday pay recording, bonuses recording, and tax deductions.

We provided Jamie with help from our team of qualified AAT and ACCA accountants, who took care of his payroll concerns completely. 

With a scalable payroll model that adapted to his business’ size, Jamie found no payroll mishaps moving forward. He focused more on taking on business opportunities he used to miss. 

Let us take care of your payroll processing.

We at Sterlinx Global manage our clients differently. If you want to check out our payroll outsourcing service, we will gladly help you. We provide services that are adaptive, inventive, and personalised. Contact us, Sterlinx Global now.

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