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Who Are We at Sterlinx and What We Do

Jun 17, 2020 | Business

Before we do business, it is important to know who are we at Sterlinx. We are a UK-based company that spearheaded the country’s only all-around service for E-Commerce businesses. We introduced our services to clients who aspired to sell their goods within the UK and European borders. We have been in operation for a while and we continue to provide a wide array of world-class services to our clients from all over the world. Our company has consistently posted a positive growth pattern – building a strong presence in the E-Commerce industry.

Who are We at Sterlinx: How we can help you

Who Are We At Sterlinx
Who Are We at Sterlinx and What We Do 4

Our Services

Our unique and cost-efficient service continues to captivate clients across the world. We aim to help E-Commerce businesses scale and grow.

We make sure that we understand our clients’ business status in order to help them with their registration, accounting, and other business needs. Sterlinx helps both startup and established businesses with everything that they need. By signing up with us, you allow your company to grow further.

We offer unique services to help you scale your business. Because of our help, several startup companies have been proven to grow their business more successfully than ever before.

By offering our clients the chance to register their business in UK and Europe, processes have been made easier for them in countless ways.

Here are a few of our other services that can also help boost your success:

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Who Are We at Sterlinx and What We Do 5

1. UK Registration

Our clients consist of a diverse group of entrepreneurs from all around the world. But no matter where they may be, all of them dream of expanding their business in UK and Europe.

Why shouldn’t they? After all, the European continent is one of the biggest E-Commerce markets where 9 out of 10 shoppers shop online.

That’s why we offer them the chance to register their business in the UK where they can freely import and sell their products – minus all the trouble and worry.

2. Business Address and Call Answering

We provide companies with a prestigious business address in the heart of Liverpool, England. It’s theirs to use however you want it.

From marketing materials like letterheads, calling cards, or emails. A UK-based telephone number with an area code of +44 is also given to them.

3. Fulfilment

We take care of our clients’ warehousing needs. Because of this, many of our clients were able to focus more on boosting their sales as well as expanding their business around the world. These companies showed positive and continuous growth as their customers are provided with their needs in more efficient and convenient ways.

Ra 18 1 Who Are We At Sterlinx And What We Do
Who Are We at Sterlinx and What We Do 6

Our Team

• Our team of legal experts and established lawyers has helped provide entrepreneurs with more knowledge regarding the laws and requirements in several countries like the UK and the rest of the European Union.

• Customer Service is also one of Sterlinx’s priorities. Our Customer Service Representatives are there for our client’s customers.

They carefully study and analyse each and every product to fully understand and address their customers’ concerns – ensuring that any problem is resolved.

• Accounting is not for everyone – and that’s totally fine. That’s why Sterlinx has a team of knowledgeable and proficient Expert Amazon Accountants to help you with your financial status.

From bookkeeping to keeping track of your income, our accounts managers will gladly assist you and help you understand all the numbers that you don’t.

We value the importance of your brand. Thus, with our help, you can guarantee that all your customers are happy – and will remain that way.

Hire Us for Accounting?

Why not save time and hire us to do your books in the UK or globally?

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