When Can I Stop Paying Property Taxes? 

April 15, 2024

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Property Ownership

Owning a home is a major expense, and property taxes are a big part of that. But there may be ways to reduce your burden.

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Homestead Exemptions

Many states offer homestead exemptions, reducing property taxes for primary residences. Check with your local tax office for details.

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Senior Property Tax Relief

Many states offer additional property tax relief for seniors, often based on age, income, or disability.

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Veterans Deserve a Tax Break

This can be a significant financial benefit for surviving spouses, who may be on a fixed income and especially reliant on the stability of lower property taxes.

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Disability Considerations

The disability must affect a person's ability to live independently or the property must be modified to accommodate the disability.

Get a Property Tax Consultation

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Your Rights and Resources

Research potential exemptions or reductions available in your state.  Your local tax assessor's office is a great resource for information and application procedures.