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Case Study: How Sterlinx helped a stay-at-home mum keep track of her booming online Amazon business

Nov 24, 2022 | Case Studies

Trying to make the most of her time at home, Cass, a stay-at-home mum with a passion for arts and crafts, decided to start up a small crochet Amazon business. When friends and family shared her creations online, orders quickly started coming in. She finally decided to put her business up on Amazon to maximise her business potential. Soon after, her business started getting attention on the platform. With a lot of work on her hands, she realised she needed help in tax accounting and much more. 

Online businesses set up on Amazon might look easy to manage. However, it is complicated to keep up with your listings, manage orders and deliveries, keep up with the demand, and manage finances. 

In Cass’ case, as a stay-at-home mum, she had all the time in the world to manage her production with the help of her loving family. 

However, it was crucial to understand that managing businesses means you need to know and handle your business finances well. Cass needed help in tax accounting. With the current platform, she sold her products on, an accountant who is an expert at amazon accounting would save her from a dead end. 

Cass knew early on that her business would be a long-term commitment. She had no problems with the bulk of orders since her family helped her make it through production. 

Later, as her business grew, she experienced what other sole business owners would. She was finding it hard to keep up with tracking her expenses, from purchasing raw materials to managing product deliveries and her finances. She was already a hands-on business owner; managing tax accounting would be another burden for her to bear. 

Knowing what trouble it would be to continue doing her own Amazon accounting, she started looking for help to ease up her problems. 

She knew that hiring an Amazon accountant would add to her overall business expenses. But the risk was just too high; a jeopardised business with mismanaged finances and taxes would be dangerous. 

So, she continued looking for a firm that would see her as an essential part of the business community, no matter her business’s size. She was running out of choices and needed help. She soon found out about the Amazon Accounting and Bookkeeping services Sterlinx offers. 

Thankfully, Sterlinx Global had the perfect skills to help her manage her finances and tax accounting.

Like any Amazon seller, Cass needed an Amazon accountant to help her manage her tax accounting, tax filing, VAT calculations, self-assessments, and e-commerce accounting. Sterlinx Global were well acquainted with what she needed, so they provided her with a well-equipped Amazon accountant.

Sterlinx’s services did not just help her manage her taxes and business financing well. She also received reminders of her tax deadlines so that she would not miss any. She also got sure evaluations of how much her e-commerce business was growing, which helped her make crucial business decisions that capitalise on her online store’s growing popularity. 

Now provided with the help she needed, Cass became the hands-on business owner she wanted to be, with an Amazon accountant at her back to manage the finances. 

If you need a tax accounting expert’s help or are searching for an Amazon accountant and bookkeeping services, we would be glad to help you. We at Sterlinx are committed to doing what is best for every business owner. 

Our team of AAT and ACCA-qualified accountants will take care of your accounting needs while you continue managing your business with no worries. We handle Bookkeeping, Payroll, VAT, Self-assessments, and Digital documentation for E-commerce Accounting and Xero training. We take on every case with a comprehensive approach.

Accounting and Bookkeeping should be the least of your worries with us.

No matter the business’ size, we know every case has specific needs and we prepare for a personalised approach. We are problem solvers here at Sterlinx, and we see no problem without solutions. Our team of tax accounting specialists will help you grow. Contact us now. 

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