28 Jan
Top 5 tools used by the best Amazon Sellers
Top 5 tools used by the best Amazon sellers

If you are new to the Amazon Seller hype, then you must be wondering, How do people make a full time living out of this business, how do they become so successful at selling online? Well this blog is going to uncover all of those secrets for you. There are a series of top tools...

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26 Jan
Top 5 Marketplaces to dominate for Amazon Sellers
Top Marketplaces to Dominate for Amazon FBA Sellers

As it currently stands, Amazon and eBay are just two of the top dogs in the eCommerce game. They have set a standard and shaped the way we shop. But hold on…there are some newcomers on the scene. In this blog I am going to highlight just some of the many alternative platforms you can...

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21 Jan
Most common pitifalls why people fail in Amazon business
Most Common Pitfalls Why People Fail In The Amazon Business

So we know that starting up any business can be daunting and it can always come with its downsides….are you willing to take the risk is the question? Starting up on Amazon may seem quite straightforward, which in some regard it is, although there are a few rules and regulations that you will need to...

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19 Jan
How to calculate VAT for Amazon Sellers
How to Calculate VAT for Amazon Sellers UK

So whether you are currently a VAT registered business selling on Amazon FBA or whether you will be hitting the threshold soon, this blog will help you to understand more about calculating Amazon FBA VAT. Table of Contents1 Common Mishaps With Calculating VAT2 How Sterlinx can help you Calculate your VAT Common Mishaps With Calculating...

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14 Jan
How to successfully switch over your current accountant
How To Successfully Switch Over Your Accountant

There are countless reasons as to why many small businesses may feel the need to change their accountants after a certain period of time. Whether this is due to your business growing and changing, or maybe even your accountants business has changed. The process of switching your accountant over to appoint a new one isn’t...

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12 Jan
How to comply with France as a distance seller
How to Comply with VAT In the EU as a Distance Seller

Table of Contents1 What is Distance Selling?2 Distance selling regulations in Europe3 Company Formation vs VAT Registration4 Conclusion What is Distance Selling? Distance selling is a term used for sales that are made through online platforms and not face to face. As we are talking about distance selling in the EU, we know from the...

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31 Dec
VAT for Amazon Sellers – What Is VAT?
VAT for Amazon Sellers – What Is VAT?

As specialists in eCommerce accounting, we handle UK and EU VAT registration and submission services for hundreds of Amazon FBA Sellers. One common question we always get asked is “What is VAT?” and “How do I know when to register for VAT for the country I am selling in?”  Let’s clear this up! The topic for...

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29 Dec
Amazon Accountants for UK for Non-residents
UK Accountants for Foreign Amazon Sellers

As an Amazon seller, you must already be swamped with all the different taxation laws for different countries in Europe. As Amazon accountant specialists, we understand the pain of the uncertainty and doubts you may face when it comes to knowing when you are liable to pay tax, especially if you are overseas. Ensuring that...

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20 Aug
Accounting & VAT Blogs for Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers UK/EU
5 Ways Sterlinx Can Help Your Business

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13 Aug
Accounting & VAT Blogs for Amazon & E-Commerce Sellers UK/EU
Case Study: How Sterlinx Rescued a Fashion Designer’s Business

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